We support you to digitalise your clients’needs

  • NextGen

    We look for new investment opportunities in sustainability.

  • High-Net Worth Clients

    We would like to receive complete updates on our investment strategy.

  • Clients’Advisors

    We would like to support our clients managing their wealth.

  • Entrepreneur

    I would like to manage properly my liquidity and financial indicators.

  • Elderly Clients

    We need to ensure appropriate succession planning.

Timelines to install

——————————————————————————— 1 to 3 Months ——————————————————————————— ————————————————— 1 to 3 Months —————————————————
— More Then 6 Months —
——– 1 to 3 Months ——–
  • We demo the solution
  • You Sign Contract
  • You Send Letters to Banks
    Gather Data
  • We understand data model
  • We follow up with banks
  • You provide non-financial data
    Config & Migration
  • We customise the solution to your needs
  • We support your migration from your legacy system
    Training & support
  • We train users on processes
  • We support you with transition
  • We share best practices
——– More Then 6 Months ——–
  • We listen to your enhancement ideas
  • We continuously invest in improving the system at no additional costs

Timelines to install

——————————————————————————— 1 to 3 Months ———————————————————————————
— More Then 6 Months —
  • You Sign Contract
  • You Sign Confidentiality Agreement
  • You Send Letters to Banks
    Get Data from Banks
  • We Follow-pro-actively with bansk to get your data
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    System & Data Import
  • We conduct workshops to understand your needs and and taior to your needs
  • We provide toos to import your data
  • We train and and accompany users in automating the processes
  • Wesupport users in improving efficiency
  • We continuously invest is improving the system with your requirements at no additional costs

Your Day

Banks deliver data from Midnight to 8.30am.
Automated parallel Loading , Processing and Reconciliation.
At 8.30 when you come in , you have accurate updated data.

Your Day


You can use one of our banks. New interfaces are added regularly at no cost for our users.

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